Riders In Spain Tours(RIS)

“Riders in Spain” is a company born from an authentic passion for motorcycling.

After riding over 300,000 km of Spanish roads, Miguel Moreno decided in 2015 to create “Riders in Spain”, so that he could share with all the bikers in the world the most fantastic moments in the last 25 years lived on a motorcycle.

We are sure that the range of routes, with the selected landscapes, will greatly appeal to you. RIS wants to be your motorcycle touring partner, so we shall pay a great deal of attention to any suggestions made by motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists will be able to bring their own motorcycle for the chosen tour. However, customers will also be able to rent a motorcycle for the tour through RIS.

RIS is also able to design tailor-made routes for groups – guided or unguided: stunning landscapes and roads, managing bookings in hotels, restaurants, shows or seeing monuments.

The RIS’ objective is that our customers “enjoy our routes as much as possible, and when they come back home, have the feeling that holidays have been spent with their best friend”.

The group


Miguel Moreno

Dear Rider, I’m Spanish guy, born in Madrid in 1966 (few years ago 😉) I have an engineering degree in telecommunications, & also an MBA. 

For 25 years, I was working in Electronic & Fire Security industry, & in the Telecom Industry. I worked as manager in Technical & Sales Departments, developing business & Strategic Plans as a consultant, and Manging Branches in Spain for technologic manufacturers. That made me a multidisciplinary Skill, and a really deep oriented focus in customer satisfaction.

In 2013 after riding more than 300.000km, I decided to turn my passion into my way of life, and I created Riders In Spain Tours, to share the beauties of Spain with bikers from the rest of the world. Since then, we are doing a lot of friends who come to ride with us in the different areas of Spain, and also to Morocco or Portugal.

Paco Ortega

From Madrid but born in Barcelona in 1966. With a degree in law and an MBA from ESADE, I have worked in publishing and perfumes marketing, and since the year 2000 I am a People Development Consultant, trainer and coach. My passion is Harley Davidson bikes, so I am also Road Captain of Riders in Spain, where I have lots of fun working with my great friend Miguel Moreno.

Member of the Madrid Chapter since 2013, I have loved bikes since childhood. I started riding a vespino when I was 10 years old, and now I ride a Harley. To me happiness is a nice mountain road, a Stones gig, salmon sushi, good wine and a cuban cigar withold rhum shots after having a roasted lamb with my friends. Yes, I am quite the hedonist! See you on the road!

Steve Guest

Motorcycles have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, for many years I competed in British Road Racing on first an air cooled Yamaha TD2 and then a Yamaha TZ350. While not on my race bikes I worked on the streets of London and the home counties as a Motorcycle Courier clocking up over 600,000 miles in the process, I then became a motorcycle Instructor training many thousands of Motorcyclists over the years. While not working I still manage to enter the odd beach race on my Yamaha YZ450.
The only thing that I could say has not been perfect for my motorcycling over years has been the Great British Weather, so when I moved to Spain I was very happy to discover that the climate here is absolutely perfect for motorcycling. I also discovered that the Spanish people love motorcycles and motorcyclists, maybe answering the question as to why they have so many world champions.

While in Spain I have been very fortunate to have met Miguel who appears to have the same incredible passion for motorcycles as I do. Miguel has discovered the most incredible routes throughout Spain and I could not believe it when he offered me my dream job as a motorcycle tour guide for his business Riders in Spain.
Unfortunately most of the tourists who come to Spain will never experience the breath taking roads, scenery, culture and cuisine that this Great Country has to offer. I am very much looking forward to sharing all of these things with you…Steve

Roberto Peregrin

Roberto is a very experienced traveler. His work as a Project Consultant in Tourism gives him a great background experience in the leisure industry, specially in developing new sustainable tourism destinations.

With its reliable BMW GS Adventure he’s been riding some of the ‘big routes’ like The Patagonia in Argentina and Chile, the classic Trans African Cape Town to Cairo, circled the Mediterranean, as well as Nord kapp, central Europe, Morocco and, of course, Spain, his favourite playground.

Roberto is fluent in Spanish (mother tonge), English, French and Portuguese, he also speaks some basic arabic and swahili, very useful in Morocco and East Africa.

“Xebo” Lescano


Federico AKA “Xebo” is a young entrepreneur in the computer industry. He counts among his passions Harley-Davidson motorcycles, newest technologies and Rock n’ Roll.
Born Argentinian, Spanish-Italian by blood and raised in the French system, he speaks Spanish, French and English fluently.

He is a member of the board direction of Harley Owners Group Madrid Chapter, the first and largest H.O.G. Chapter of Spain, with whom he travels Europe on his ape-hanger H-D Dyna Street Bob.
With enough time and a H-D Ultra Classic, he plans crossing South America from south to north on the Route 40, bordering The Andes and across his native country.