Travelling in and to Spain


• Are the roads in Spain good for riding?

Spain has an incredible network of good remote mountain roads from which we only choose the most scenic.

• How is the quality of the accommodation chosen by Riders In Spain

We mainly choose special range of  4* hotels, refurbished  old palaces, fortress & Abbeys, where the rider can feel the History of  Spain, and have a very good rest of the tiring but pasionate days riding. For ‘Rest days’ we mostly choose Spa hotels to have most enjoyable stay.

• What documents do I need?

If you are not an EU citizen, please check with your embassy. Your credit card, required for the insurance excess, drivers license, international drivers license and passport may need to be presented on the first day of the tour.

• Can you arrange airline reservations?

Normally we do not book airline tickets as we find that many people prefer to use mileage programs or shop for competitive fares from various travel websites.

• Do you pick us up and drop us off at the airport? 

We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport if you are a part of a Guided or Self Guided tour and are arriving or departing on the first or last day of the tour. For all guests arriving one or more days before the start of the tour we will arrange a shuttle (paid by us), which will take you to your accommodation. The same for departure.

• What is the best time of the year for me to come?

We schedule our guided tours during what we consider to be the best time of year to ride in the regions included on that tour. Of course we can’t always guarantee the weather. We also urge you to research climate conditions and histories at informative websites before making your date decisions.

The tours

• Are dinners included in the cost of the tour?

To check if lunch and dinner are included in the price, please check the “included services” section on each tour. In group tours they are generally included. In the case in which they are not included, in the tour booklet you will find our recommendations.

• How far do we ride per day?

We ride anywhere from 200 to 450 kilometers per day (125 to 280 miles), depending on the road. There is usually a scenic, long route and a short, fast route choice for most days. Riders can choose their route. If an especially long or challenging route is one of the two choices, the route will be described fully with maps, so tour participants can decide whether or not to take it. The guide will go with the wishes of the group. All routes, even the long ones, make time for breakfast, lunch, a few coffee breaks, and some sightseeing. We usually arrive at the hotel around 4:00 pm.

• How much riding experience do I need?

You should feel comfortable doing several 300 km days in a row. All participants need a valid motorcycle license.

• Do I have to stay with the guide?

No, you can go at your own pace and choose your own riding companions. The route directions and GPS, if you opt for one, detail all routes, sights, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Are support vehicles used and how much luggage can I bring?

A support van accompanies most of the tours (please check the “included services” section on each tour), and in that cases, guests can bring one large suitcase per person. Nevertheless, the goup of a tour where van is not included, can ask to include it.

• Can my non-riding partner ride in the support van?

Yes, the van can accommodate 2 non-riders comfortably. Please, check with us before that there is free space available.

• What else do you we do besides ride?

In most of the tours there is always something interesting to see and do on every day of our tours. We make suggestions for museums, archaeological sites, and activities that will enrich your travel experience.

• Are there rest days?

Yes, usually every third or fourth day we have a rest day. You can ride, sightsee or rest on the rest days.

• How many riders will be in the group? 

In order to provide our best personal service to each guest, we limit the size of our tours to Ten motorcycles.

Other questions

• Are helmets required, and what is the alcohol limit in Spain?

Helmets are required, and the alcohol tolerance in Spain is 0.3. If you are stopped with alcohol in your blood, the authorities will not allow you to continue the tour and your motorcycle will be confiscated. The policy of Riders in Spain Tours is not to allow alcohol consumption before or during riding to keep the group in safe conditions. We will have enough time to enjoy very good drinks when we arrive safely at our destination!

• What should I bring?

It is important to layer your clothing for different climates, as our tours may go through cool high mountain passes on one day and warm valley lowlands on the next. Rain in the mountains can occur unexpectedly, so you should bring a rain suit. Information on what to pack will be sent to you in your tour information packet.

• What kind of information is provided before the tour?

Our tour information packet will be sent to you approximately one month before your tour departure. In it you will find packing information, country descriptions including essential travel facts, day-by-day road and route information, sights, hotel, and restaurant information, and a full-size highlighted route map. Our tour booklet has a lot of good information in it, but if you really want to delve into the histories and sights of the regions we visit, we highly recommend the Lonely Planet guide book depending on the area of your tour.

• Can my motorcycle club custom design their own guided tour?

Of course! we are able to design your customised tour. Our tours are specially designed to make both the motorcycling and the rest time interesting. But we realise that some customers have some specific ideas and we are able to create bespoke leisure tours according to your desires.