Riders In Spain Tours (RIS)

“Riders in Spain” is a company born from an authentic passion for motorcycling.

After riding over 500,000 km of Spanish roads, Miguel Moreno decided in 2015 to create “Riders in Spain”, so that he could share with all the bikers in the world the most fantastic moments is the last 25 years lived on a motorcycle.

We are sure that the range of routes, with the selected landscapes, will greatly appeal to you. RIS wants to be your motorcycle touring partner, so we shall pay a great deal of attention to any suggestions made by motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists will be able to bring their own motorcycle for the chosen tour. However, customers will also be able to rent a motorcycle for the tour through RIS.

RIS is also able to design tailor-made routes for groups – guided or unguided: stunning landscapes and roads, managing bookings in hotels, restaurants, shows or seeing monuments.

The RIS’ objective is that our customers “enjoy our routes as much as possible, and when they comes back home, have the feeling that holidays have been spent with their best friend”.


A look at the geology, climate and culture of Spain

Spain is a very diverse country in geological, botanical, cultural, and culinary terms. This is because of its size, its plentiful mountains and, above all, the different cultures that had inhabited the country throughout the years. Phoenicians in the Mediterranean coast, Vikings in the North and not forgetting the Roman Empire, Arab culture, the Goths, and Celts.


Always there to make of your trip an unforgettable experience