Riders in Spain Tours takes great pride in the level of service we provide our guests. We would like for you to feel comfortable and well-rested overnight, so you can enjoy every day of riding to its fullest. On every stop where it is possible, we choose well-appointed 4 stars Hotels, all of course with en-suite facilities. Almost all of them have internet access.

Our philosophy regarding accommodation is:
For small groups of up to 12 motorcycles, choose hotels in the city center that are of special cultural interest or in idyllic, green and quiet areas with particularly picturesque views. In hot climates, our hotels have a swimming pool and restaurants or cafes with an outdoor terrace.
For a group with a greater number of motorcycles, we choose hotels in the outer part of the city to facilitate the group’s unity upon arrival and departure. However, we include coach services to bring participants to the city center for visits.
A buffet breakfast is served every morning at the hotel.
Meals en route will be simple, to avoid overload and heaviness that prevents us from riding clear once finished. As far as possible, it will be a pick nick in some place of singular beauty.
For dinner we have selected restaurants that we have personally tried and whose cuisine convinced us with exceptional, regional and innovative dishes.
All tour participants will receive hotel names, addresses, and contact numbers approximately one month prior to the start of the tour.
We look forward to organizing additional overnight stays before or after the tour for another stay. Please contact us well before the start of the tour so that we can organize it for you.
For inquiries of any kind, or if you have special requests about accommodation, call us or send us an email. We are always at your disposal for further information. We speak German, English and Spanish.